Support 6181

Team 6181 is always looking for supporters to assist us in making our program successful. Supporters are key for us to move further with our team and spread STEM awareness to others in the area.


All it takes to join our team is a willingness to learn. New members don't need to have any kind of technical expertise or past experience. Not only do members become part of a large, familial team, they learn specific real-world STEM related skills, and also get to see the business side of running our FRC team. Students will also participate in our outreach program by spreading interest to younger children, teaching kids how to work with robots, and sustaining the values of FIRST. If you are interested in joining us, you can email us at


What better way to teach kids about STEM than from experts themselves? That's why we are constantly looking for mentors to help our team learn the process of making a robot, from the engineering fundamentals to the strategy of design to autonomous mode programming. We want our mentors to guide our students, while still maintaining the student-run aspect of our team. If you are interested in helping our team and have mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer programming, or business experience, email us at


Our sponsors help us stay afloat in the always competitive FIRST Robotics Competition. The required budget for FRC teams is growing every year, so sponsors are becoming more and more important. Their support can range from monetary donations to providing us with tools and materials and even to mentorship to our team. If your company is willing to provide us with money, parts, tools, or anything else, feel free to contact us at or

Sponsorship is a way of building on our future and investing in the minds of tomorrow, one day there may be a FIRST alumni working for you. When sponsoring our team, you are helping to provide the necessary tools and resources needed in a fast paced and ever changing world of STEM.