Expect to see info + pictures of our mentors soon!

Team 6181 is very thankful to all of its mentors who help the team in various ways. Mentors provide their knowledge and experience to members of the team. They also provide some of their valuable time to the team to help them in building robots, to creating succesful outreach programs. If you would like to become a mentor, please look at our Support Us Page. Once again, Thanks to all of our mentors for helping us in so many ways!

Mike Tisovic

Mike Tisovic is an official mentor from Wieland Chase, and is also the founder of the Cryptic Cyborgs.  He primarily helps with design on Solidworks as well as delegating jobs to everyone else.

Jim Drewes

Jim Drewes is a mentor from Northwest State Community College, and is our behind-the-scenes guy.  Everything from registration to funding works smoothly under his watchful eyes, and he is often the namesake of the robot.

Samantha Stein

Now-graduated team alumni Sam is a 4-year member who specializes in just about everything hands-on.

Desi Rosenberg

Desi was a 2-year member before coming back to help with everything carpentry, robot, and food related.

Sandy Stein

Having had two daughters on the team, Sandy is the designated team Mom and is always around to help.

Hannah Fletcher

Matthew Tisovic

Spencer Goodsite

Spencer spent 3 years as a member and has been with us as a mechanical mentor for the last 2 years.